Covid 19 Tracker India LIVE, Active Cases, News & Update State Wise

COVID-19 India: The coronavirus, or COVID-19, started in late 2019 and many people around the world suffered a lot, with lots of people being affected and not being with us. The vaccinations were also given, and for the last 2 years, there have been no signs of this virus. But, recently, a second version of COVID-19 has started in India, and Kerala is the first state to report COVID cases in India, followed by Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, etc. In this article, we will explain the duration of COVID Active Cases, along with how long these symptoms show, when COVID started in India, and many other details related to COVID-19 that you will get to know.

The details related to COVID-19, like COVID cases affected, discharged, deaths, etc., can be viewed on the Indian Government’s official website, “” As of this writing, there are approximately 4440 active cases, of which 4.5 crore+ are total cases, 4 crore+ cases are being discharged, and more than 5 lakhs were reported dead. You can even download the vaccination certificate from this website if you have taken the vaccination before. If you have a mild illness, cough, or any other small illness, then you might be affected by COVID-19, and you should take rest, consume medicines on time, and wear masks if possible while going out.

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COVID-19 started in India on January 30, 2020, when a student from Kerala returned to his hometown from Wuhan, China, and slowly people over there started symptoms related to COVID, and then the virus spread throughout the country in no time. In mid-March 2020, our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, declared a curfew and a lockdown in the country, with people not going out of their houses and only going if necessary. For almost 2 years, there were no profits in businesses or companies as employees were forced to work from home, unemployment, and no schools or colleges. People suffered a lot with financial problems in their families.

  1. Active  1109
  2. Discharged  44498236
  3. Deaths  533525
  4. Active Cases 4,50,31,897

Total Vaccination : 220,68,36,739 

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COVID-19 in India Summary

Virus NameCOVID-19
First COVID-19 Case (State)Kerala
First COVID-19 Case (Date)30th January 2020
SymptomsMild Illness
Current Active Cases4440+
Current Total Cases4.5 Crore+
Current Discharged Cases4 Crore+
Current Deaths5 Lakhs+
Lockdown DateMid-March 2020
Lockdown ImposedPrime Minister
Prime Minister NameShri. Narendra Modi
COVID-19 StatsAvailable on Indian Government’s Website
Official Website (Indian Government)
First COVID-19 – V2 Case (State) Kerala

The second version of the COVID-19 case was detected in the state of Kerala with few active cases, and the virus spread to other parts and states of the country. We have mentioned the current active cases, discharges, and deaths, and these statistics are available on the official website of the Indian Government, which we have mentioned in this article above.

Covid 19 Tracker India LIVE, Active Cases, News & Update State Wise
Covid 19 Tracker India LIVE, Active Cases, News & Update State Wise

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Covid 19 Cases in Last 24 Hours

The range of COVID-19 cases, recoveries, and fatalities globally is tracked by way of the internet site Worldometer, which gives daily and weekly updated information. It is said that a collection of scholars, builders, and volunteers from around the world manage the website. It is a tremendously ranked search result for coronavirus facts and has been prominent all through the COVID-19 epidemic or pandemic.

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It is still not clear how long the second version of the virus will take. The time duration for COVID-19 to get over will depend on the severity of the case. Those who have been affected by a mild illness can be recovered in a week or may be a week more, and those who have been affected by a major illness will take a longer time to recover.

The start of COVID-19 or Corona Virus signs and symptoms generally takes place over a period of 2–14 days after the creation of the virus. The majority of individuals who’ve had a tremendous COVID-19 take a look at result commonly enjoy signs for a length of around two weeks, but this timeframe can also vary. Individuals with mild times often revel in recuperation over a span of one to two weeks, but excessive cases may last for six weeks or more. Furthermore, people with protracted COVID may additionally have enduring symptoms that last for at least 12 weeks after contamination.

When did COVID Start in India?

As we have mentioned in the third paragraph of this article, the first COVID-19 case was seen in a student in Kerala who returned from Wuhan in China. The case slowly started spreading in the country within 2 months, and hence a curfew or lockdown was imposed by the Indian government. 

COVID-19 World Ranking List

Following is a list of the COVID-19 world rankings that are affected the most, as we will only be listing the top 20 countries that are affected by the COVID-19 virus from 2020 until date:

  1. USA
  2. India
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Brazil
  6. South Korea
  7. Japan
  8. Italy
  9. UK
  10. Russia
  11. Turkey
  12. Spain
  13. Australia
  14. Vietnam
  15. Taiwan
  16. Argentina
  17. Netherlands
  18. Mexico
  19. Iran
  20. Indonesia

There are many more countries that are affected, and we can say that the USA has been affected the most, as has MS Zaandam, which comes in at 231st in the world ranking list.

Corona Virus Vaccine Registration

The COVID-19 is registered on various websites, like for the USA or for India. Also, you can check the COVID-19 cases registered on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO), where you can check all the information related to COVID-19. Vaccinations are also available, and these vaccinations are also registered on such websites. You can even download your vaccination certificate in PDF format and take a printout of it if you wish to do so.

COVID-19 in India – Are COVID Cases Decreasing Worldwide?

The worldwide trajectory of COVID-19 cases is liquid and subject to local variants. According to contemporary statistics, numerous international locations have proven a decline in COVID-19 cases, suggesting a likely stabilization of the impurity price. Nevertheless, it is vital to acknowledge that the state of affairs is dynamic and the number of instances may also range through the years.

COVID-19 in India – Worst states

Kerala has seen an excessive incidence of COVID-19 instances in India, in keeping with today’s data. Changing situations may additionally have an effect on COVID-19 instances in diverse states. For ultra-modern COVID-19 information in individual Indian states, see official resources and health organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: When did COVID-19 begin in India?

Ans: The COVID-19 began on January 30, 2020, in India.

Ques: Where can you find the COVID-19 statistics for Indians?

Ans: You can visit the official website of the Indian Government, mygov, to find the COVID-19 statistics for Indians.

Ques: How many total cases are available in India as per MyGov?

Ans: There are more than 4.5 crore total cases available in India, as per MyGov.